Ranch Roads Linen and Room Spray

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Dressed in his beloved pirate costume, a 44-inch tour guide with a toothless grin grips the Mule’s steering wheel. “Saddle up, intrepid explorers! Adventure awaits just beyond the bend!” Knox may require adult assistance to reach the foot pedals, but he needs no help navigating every bump and dip along these dusty ranch roads. “Ahoy! What’s that I see? Hidden treasure!” We stop to pick sweet, juicy dewberries that drip down his chin and make him giggle with delight. Later, he spots a piece of carved rosewood – could it have been left behind by a lost tribe or a band of train robbers? Tiny creatures scurrying under rocks. Citrus blooms that look like cotton-candy clouds. A bird’s nest in the branches of an old cedar tree. This is a core memory-making at its finest - the scent of pure, imagination-fueled outdoor adventure.
Scent Profile: Citrus • Rosewood • Cedar 

2 oz / 57 g