NCC Municipal (PS) Semen

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Includes 1 certificate

Additional Certificates $250 Each

Sire: JDH Clanton de Manso
Dam: NCC Philene 3712 (AI) (PS)
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: Outcross

Back in October, V8 Ranch was the winning bidder of NCC Municipal (PS) in NCC Brahmans' annual sale. Our family participated in the auction from our ranch in Texas, watching as it unfolded over 8,000 miles away in Queensland, Australia.
As soon as word got out, we were inundated with requests looking to buy semen on the new lead bull of our polled program. 
Featuring elite JDH genetics on the top side of his pedigree, Municipal’s grandsire is (+)JDH Woodson De Manso. Both his sire (JDH Clanton de Manso) and grandsire (Woodson) were National and International Champions.
Municipal offers excellent breed character, depth of body, and good muscle shape. He's very balanced and both he and his sire have a tight, clean sheath. Being sired by Clanton, he is an outcross to every V8 Ranch female and 99% of the polled cattle here in the United States. His genetics offer polled breeders a chance to incorporate the Woodson genetics into their herds. We look for Municipal to be a cornerstone of the V8 polled cattle; we plan to mate him to the top donor females in each of our cow families.

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