Mr. V8 61/9 Package of 2 Sexed Female Semen Units

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$400 Per Package of 2 Units
Open Certificates | Unrestricted AI Sire

Sire: +Mr. V8 933/7
Dam: Miss V8 682/6
From the V8 Ranch Cow Family: +Miss V8 165/4

Mr. V8 61/9 epitomizes the innovative breeding strategies of V8 Ranch as a V8 Superblend™, uniting the esteemed +Miss V8 571/3 and +Miss V8 165/4 cow families through his sire, +Mr. V8 933/7 “Yeti,” the ABBA Sire Summary’s top-ranked bull for Weaning Weight. His Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) showcase a well-balanced set of traits, with a Birth Weight (BW) EPD of 2.1, and his weaning and yearling weight EPDs placing him in the top 5% and 10% of the breed, respectively. His Milk EPD, ranking in the top 5%, underscores the influence of his dam, Miss V8 682/6, herself a progeny of the Maternal Performance sire, (=)Mr. V8 332/4, and the granddaughter of International Champion female, +Miss V8 143/6. Beyond his impressive genetic credentials, Mr. V8 61/9’s phenotype — marked by a muscular build and a neat sheath — exemplifies the breed’s physical ideals, affirming his role as a standout representative of Brahman excellence in both genetic merit and physical presence.

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