Jan's Saddle Room Linen and Room Spray

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Standing in her saddle room, soaking up the scent of freshly polished leather, Jan’s thoughts travel back to that moment in the Winner’s Circle with her mama, Mollie Jo. A cork pops; bubbles fizz; and someone in the Winner’s Circle hands young Jan a glass of Kir Royal - champagne with a splash of black currant liquor. Still officially too young to drink, Jan looks across the room and catches her mother’s eye. Mollie Jo stifles a laugh, makes her way to Jan, and envelops her in a hug: “It seems like only yesterday I was hoisting you up from the oak moss-covered pasture and into the family’s child saddle. Strapping your tiny boots to the stirrups, I promised: ‘Someday you’ll be a champion barrel racer, too – just you wait and see…’”

Scent Profile: Black currant • Oak moss • Leather 

1 oz / 28 g