Front Pasture Linen and Room Spray

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There are places where the ground seems to vibrate with history – Plymouth, Gettysburg, The Alamo, and the V8 Ranch front pasture, to name a few. Walking the land, you can almost hear the song of the indigenous Karankawa people and smell the sweet, smoky scent of dried tobacco, a sacred plant in their culture.  The old cypress tree, an emblem of immortality for thousands of years, stretches toward the heavens. The names of the native wildflowers sound like a roll call of the floral brigade: blue bonnets, Indian paintbrushes, white Dutch clover, buttercups – all here! “Aaahh…”, you exclaim as you inhale the heady blend, “If only we could bottle that scent with perfumers’ ambergris to make it last forever.”

Scent Profile: Cypress • Floral • Ambergris • Dried Tobacco

1 oz / 28 g