Limited Edition Café de Olla Candle

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Fall/Holiday Limited Edition

As the sun begins to rise, Luke and Cat step onto the side porch of their Craftsman cottage. The first promise of fall has chilled the air, and a dense fog swirls and twirls above the still-warm ground of the pasture. Catherine can’t help but notice how the steam escaping from her mug dances on the surface of the Café de Olla just like the morning fog. She watches Luke as he takes the first sip of his favorite Mexican coffee spiced with woodsy cinnamon and sweetened with the rich caramel-like flavor of piloncillo.  In a matter of minutes, the java will cool; the hot sun will lift the fog and its magical hush; and another busy day on the ranch will begin. She takes a deep breath and savors this moment of uninterrupted bliss. 

Scent Profile: Coffee • Cinnamon • Piloncillo
Wick: Wooden tube
Vessel: Handmade Mexican Pottery

Due to the handmade nature of this pottery, containers may vary slightly in appearance of display photo.

12 oz / 340 g