Brahman Bull Luggage Tag

Sale price$4.99
Color: White

Embark on your next journey with a touch of V8 Ranch flair! Our Brahman Luggage Tags are not just practical; they're a statement of your love for the iconic Brahman breed.

Colors for Every Style: Choose from classic navy, crisp white, or bold mustard to suit your travel vibe. Each color is crafted from high-quality vinyl, giving a luxurious leather-like feel without the extra weight.

Iconic Brahman Bull Design: One side of each tag features our custom V8 Brahman Bull head, a tribute to the legendary +Mr. V8 763/1. This unique design makes your luggage stand out, ensuring you can spot your bag at a glance.

Durable and Functional: Designed for the traveler who moves as confidently as our Brahman bulls, these tags can withstand the rigors of travel. The sturdy construction and secure attachment mean your tag stays put, journey after journey.

Easy Identification: No more guessing games at the baggage carousel! Our Brahman Luggage Tags make it easy to identify your luggage, saving you time and hassle.


  • Material: High-quality vinyl
  • Available Colors: Navy, White, Mustard
  • Design: Custom V8 Brahman Bull head (+Mr. V8 763/1)
  • Attachment: Strong and secure loop for easy affixing to luggage

Travel with Confidence: Whether you're heading to a cattle show or a vacation, our Brahman Luggage Tags are your perfect travel companion. Show off your ranch pride and keep your bags in sight!