Black Magic Linen and Room Spray

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The year is 1944. Howard Parker has just returned to his newly established ranch after a long day at his Ford automobile dealership. It’s a cool, spring evening, so he opens the window of his study to let in the breeze. A heady citrus and jasmine scent wafts into the room from the piney woodsjust beyond the homestead. Parker places a record on the phonograph, pours a glass of whisky, and settles into his favorite chair. Skip Nelson and the Modernaires croon to the smooth sounds of the Glenn Miller Orchestra : “….lovin’ the spin I’m in, under that old black magic called love…” Parker sighs contentedly, the first of many to be completely captivated by the magic of V8 Ranch.
Scent Profile: Citrus • Jasmine • Woods 

2 oz / 57 g