Mr. V8 463/6 Semen

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Sire: (+)JDH Karu Manso 800
Dam: +Miss V8 209/6


Mr. V8 463/6 was the 2009 National Champion Bull.  He is dark pigmented, loaded with muscle, and has a great disposition. He moves freely and is optimum framed with outstanding breed character.  463’s pedigree represents an excellent blend of +Karu 800 on the top side, out of a leading +Mr. V8 901/4 daughter.  His dam, Miss V8 209/6 was the 2009 Reserve International Champion out of the legendary “Rose,” +Miss V8 495/5 cow.

Mr. V8 463/7 is one of our powerhouse carcass bulls.  He is GeneSTAR tested in the top 10% of all beef breeds for feed efficiency.  Currently he ranks in the top 1% for MARB and REA, the top 2% for YW, the top 3% for Tend, the top 4% for CWT and the top 6% for WW. In the Fall 2014 ABBA Sire Summary Mr. V8 463/6 was a trait leader for ribeye area and was the #1 high indexing sire group of the 2012 ABBA Carcass Evaluation Program.  

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